Jeswin Uniqq Enterprise

Jeswin Uniqq Enterprise

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Jeswin Uniqq House are established online in March 2010 by both of us - a pair of twin sisters. We are registered company under SSM in Malaysia. We started with a blog selling fashionable clothes, bags & accessories at <>. We have now switched our business to kids' wear business at <>.

We are selling various cartoon kids tees & pants like Mickey, Minnie, Mcqueen , Thomas , SpongeBob, Winnie The Pooh & etc. We are also selling various type of pyjamas like GAP Pyjamas , Holabebe Pyjamas , GW Pyjamas and Petelulu Pyjamas.

100% ready stock at our store and we are selling at a very reasonable price.
Kids Wear ->

Welcome to our blogs and hope you all like our stuffs.
Enjoy shopping !